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Here's what people are saying about High Functioning Family.

"Juarline and Margarita offered both intellect and heart to us, lost parents with a difficult child, who needed to find our way. Our daughter's absolute defiance and frequent meltdowns when she didn't get her way caused our anger and frustration as parents to get worse each day, which in turn would send our child spiraling. Juarline and Margarita helped us to implement many effective strategies for our daughter and for ourselves as parents to regain our calm and our control. From books to read to places to go to things to do, they helped us tackle this overwhelming problem so that we could see the light again. With their help, my husband and I learned to find peace in the most difficult of moments and in turn, my daughter's meltdowns became shorter in duration and less frequent. We learned to connect to, listen and understand our child so that we could guide her effectively and discipline her rather than punish her. Their brilliant understanding of childhood and their inspiration to set goals for our family and reach them helped us tremendously. They became more than coaches - they were part of our family. And the journey was about more than just parenting." 

Jackie and Cliff Millano, Parent Coaching  Client


“I would strongly recommend the one-on-one coaching and workshops offered by High Functioning Family.  I attended the Effective Parenting workshop, and it was very useful. I didn't have any major problems going in and generally felt pretty happy with my own parenting skills. But the things I learned helped me to see things from my child's perspective. I was also able to take the information and apply it to my work with parents.  I found it to be professionally as well as personally helpful.  Any family that decides to work with Juarline and Margarita from High Functioning Family will be making one of the most important investments in their family's life.”

Rebecca Kammerer, founder of Sleep Cadets


Thank you for the help and the recommendations. I have been noticing that the calmer I react to my son’s outbursts, the shorter they are. They even just dissipate right on the spot.  I have also noticed that if I mention a rule to him only once and give a consequence and if the consequence happens, he doesn't tantrum as much.  I think I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you!!” AG, Father, Parent Coaching Client


We found the Picky Eating workshop to be informative and Juarline and Margarita to be very down-to-earth and approachable, we decided to sign up for a 6-week individualized session with them to assist with our picky-eater daughter. Because of their real-world advice and guidance and easy-to-implement weekly plans of action, our daughter is eating much better and our lives are no longer focused around her eating issues. She is much happier because we are much happier, and Juarline and Margarita are the reasons. We highly recommend them!”

Julie and Andrew O’Donnell, Picky Eating Coaching Clients


I just returned from your 1-hour Effective Parenting through Meltdowns and Tantrums workshop and it was so helpful and informative that I felt compelled to write you the minute I walked in the door. I actually applied one of your techniques already and it worked! I honestly was not expecting such a wealth of support and guidance that could be used so practically and immediately. I found your workshop incredibly useful and my wife and I truly feel that this one short hour gave us many new tools to use in coping with and ending our child's tantrums. I will highly recommend your company to anyone in need and I cannot wait to attend another one of your workshops. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you"

Craig and Jaime Delmarco


"My morning ran smoother today by applying some of your techniques...For the first time in forever, I actually didn't have to scream to get out the door.

I applied the quiet firm hug technique…rather than my usual ranting and raving (which of course never worked), it put an end to the drama rather quickly…WOW, I wish I found you guys sooner.”

Adrienne R.


“I was having issues with my 9-year-old throwing tantrums.  High Functioning Family’s support and coaching helped me to realize how I perceive and respond to my son’s tantrums.  Their guidance has helped them to diminished significantly in both frequency and duration.  I am so grateful to High Functioning Family.”

Nick S., Long Island, NY, Parent Coaching Client



“ Margarita and Juarline are two enthusiastic and bright women who exceed in their services.   As a mother of a Picky Eater, they helped me to establish routines with my son that were simple and realistic. I highly recommend High functioning Family to anyone from the simplest of situations to the more challenging ones.  They are entrepreneurs who have insightful coaching techniques.”

Vaso K - A mom from Albertson, Picky Eating Coaching Client


 “…The Ladies came up with a plan of home visits; Skyping; behavior modification; menu planning; cooking and exercise apps, all topped with loads of encouragement and positive reinforcement for each small, attainable goal they set for my daughter. The results have been amazing. My daughter has lost over thirty pounds to date and has been introduced to a whole new world of healthy eating. The Ladies” are wonderful! Their planning, foresight, and follow-through are terrific. They “got” my daughter very quickly, figuring out what made her tick; working with her and her disabilities to achieve success. They are professional, reliable, capable and, the icing on the cake, delightful to work with.

I highly recommend them to any family in need.

Karen M, Long Island, NY


“Juarline may have been my first life coach, but more importantly, she was my life-saver.  She helped me, a 62-year-old woman to not only find a way to lose weight but in the process, I found myself.  Her amazing knowledge of nutrition and her soothing voice combined with a non-judgemental attitude enabled me to reclaim my energy and eliminate constant fatigue.  High Functioning Family is who you want by you to help you achieve your goals and live a healthy, energetic life.”

Susana V, Long Island, NY


“…I want to acknowledge Margarita, as a coach.  I feel she is the calm in a storm.  Her passion and sincerity in what she does allowed me to reach for the best in myself.”

Sherine Z, New York, NY


“I attended your special presentation on nutrition. I never thought I would take it so seriously, but I have become a different shopper, cooker, and baker since the meeting!  My kids are loving it and much to my surprise, like to organic brands.

Thank you…”

Eileen S.  Long Island, NY


See What the Administrators are Saying...

“Thank you so much for the amazing presentation at our Special Education Parent Council’s evening event.  Your presentation was useful for all.  All parents benefitted from this fun and educational evening where district and staff parents learned together how to help all children.  You made all participants feel empowered to support their children and shared that there is no perfect parent.  The honest sharing of your personal examples made the workshop so authentic and meaningful to all.  I look forward to the future and  having you back to share your expertise with our parents.”

Sheri Senzer, Director of Pupil Personnel at East Williston School District.


“Juarline and Margarita were wonderful.  They offered many strategies that could be immediately implemented in the classroom as well as at home.  They were a wealth of knowledge.  I look forward to attending another one of their workshops soon.” Wendy E at Port Washington School District


“Thank you for presenting today at our faculty meeting.  You both did a wonderful job.  You acknowledged that teaching is difficult especially when we have struggling students in our classes.  Throughout the day staff members came up to me to tell me that they truly enjoyed your presentation.  I am recommending your presentation to the other principals and to our PTA.  Keep me posted on any new topics that you design.”

Jeanmarie Wink, East Broadway Principal, Levittown School District


“The teachers loved your approach and the workshop content.   They felt the time spent was productive, meaningful, and informative.  Again, many thanks to both of you.” Wafa Westervelt, Assistant SuperIntendent of Curriculum at Port Washington School District



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“High Functioning Family has proven to be a wonderful resource for families and our school!  Margarita Daskalakis and Juarline Stavrinos are easy to speak to and very personable.  They are extremely informative and well versed in Early Childhood.  High Functioning family hosted workshops at the Growing Tree that provided strategies and tips for everyday frustrating situations that occur with our children.  Parents were able to open up and share their own stories.  It was an enriching learning experience!”

Dawn Friedman, Managing Director Growing Tree

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