Are you ready to go from just surviving to thriving?
Are you ready to go from just surviving to thriving?

High Functioning Family

Co-Founders: Margarita Daskalakis & Juarline Stavrinos

High Functioning Family's mission is to support families, educators and communities to go from just surviving to thriving.  They are award winning coaches in Parent, Health and Lifestyle.  They also provide educational workshops to schools and businesses.   Their workshops have been featured in Newsday and have supported the lives of many.  They give tools to create the changes you wish to see by enhancing what is working  and developing personalized strategies to turn challenges into successes.


Our Top Workshops

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Effective Parenting through Meltdowns and Tantrums

1 hour workshop

I just returned from your workshop and it was so helpful and informative that I felt compelled to write you the minute I walked in the door. I actually applied one of your techniques already and it worked! I honestly was not expecting such a wealth of support and guidance that could be used so practically and immediately. I found your workshop incredibly useful and my wife and I truly feel that this one short hour gave us many new tools to use in coping with and ending our child's tantrums. I will highly recommend your company to anyone in need and I cannot wait to attend another one of your workshops. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you -Craig and Jaime Delmarco

Turn your Picky Eater Into a Health One

1 hour workshop

We found the workshop to be informative and Juarline and Margarita to be very down-to-earth and approachable, we decided to sign up for a 6-week individualized session with them to assist with our picky-eater daughter. Because of their real-world advice and guidance and easy-to-implement weekly plans of action, our daughter is eating much better and our lives are no longer focused around her eating issues. She is much happier, because we are much happier, and Juarline and Margarita are the reasons. We highly recommend them! –Julie and Andrew O’Donnell

Parent Anger Management: Be the Calmer Parent You want to Be

2 hour workshop

My morning ran smoother by applying some of your techniques, rather than my usual ranting and raving, it put an end to the drama rather quickly...For the first time in forever I actually didn't have to scream to get out the door...Wow! I wish I found you guys sooner - Adrienne R.

See the difference that one conversation can make.

Services are offered in person, via telephone or Skype.

"Having children allows us to connect with the families on a personal level.  We not only speak it, we live it." Juarine & Margarita

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Successful Potty Training

Tuesday, January. 10th

10:30am -11:30 am

High Functioning Family has proven to be a wonderful resource for families and our school!  Margarita Daskalakis and Juarline Stavrinos are easy to speak to and very personable.  They are extremely informative and well versed in Early Childhood.  High Functioning family hosted workshops at the Growing Tree that provided strategies and tips for everyday frustrating situations that occur with our children.  Parents were able to open up and share their own stories.  It was an enriching learning experience!”

Dawn Friedman, Managing Director Growing Tree

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