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Co-Founders: Margarita Daskalakis & Juarline Stavrinos

High Functioning Family helps families and educators gain the awareness and tools needed to create calm and peace in their homes and classrooms by stopping the yelling and the power struggles.  Our clients have decreased frustration and increased patience. With structured routines that work, better communication and relationships with their children, our clients see an overall increase in happiness. They learn to effectively recognize the difference between a meltdown and a tantrum and use the strategies to help reduce and sometimes eliminate unwanted behaviors. They learn to distinguish between emotional struggles and inappropriate behavior. Parents and educators learn how to effectively set clear rules that can easily be followed. They stop punishing and start disciplining, leaving their children with long lasting positive effects. We help our clients to stop being stuck in a pattern that is not working. They learn how to teach their child emotional awareness and self-soothing strategies.  We teach families and educator’s effective listening skills, how to discipline effectively and how to respond to a situation rather than react. With a mindset change and realization that what you focus on grows, parents and educators have a positive shift in all areas of their lives.

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Effective Parenting through Meltdowns and Tantrums

This workshop, featured in NEWSDAY,  will give you strategies to help you and your child work through behavioral challenges calmly and effectively.

I just returned from your workshop and it was so helpful and informative that I felt compelled to write you the minute I walked in the door. I actually applied one of your techniques already and it worked! I honestly was not expecting such a wealth of support and guidance that could be used so practically and immediately. I found your workshop incredibly useful and my wife and I truly feel that this one short hour gave us many new tools to use in coping with and ending our child's tantrums. I will highly recommend your company to anyone in need and I cannot wait to attend another one of your workshops. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you -Craig and Jaime Delmarco

Relationship Support for Successful Parents

This workshop helps parents find common ground and end the parenting battles.  Participants walk out with tips for effective communication, family goal setting and more.

We found the workshop to be informative and Juarline and Margarita to be very down-to-earth and approachable! Since attending this workshop our family as a whole has been more connected.  We feel like we are all being heard and respected.  I am so glad I attended.  – Rafael and Gina G., Hempstead

Calm and Connected Parenting: Become the Calmer Parent you Want to Be

This workshop helps to strengthen the bonds between you and your children and gives you the insight to supporting challenges effectively, and calmly.

My morning ran smoother by applying some of your techniques, rather than my usual ranting and raving, it put an end to the drama rather quickly...For the first time in forever I actually didn't have to scream to get out the door...Wow! I wish I found you guys sooner - Adrienne R.

Calm and Connected Educator

 This workshop gives you the insights and strategies you need to support challenges effectively, and calmly.

Juarline and Margarita were wonderful.  They offered many strategies that could be immediately implemented in the classroom as well as at home. They were a wealth of knowledge.  I look forward to attending another one of their workshops soon. - Wendy E. Port Washington School District

Supporting the Anxious Child/ Also presented for Educators as Supporting the Anxious Student

This workshop, for Parents and/or Educators teaches a number of ways adults can make the day easier and less stressful for a child with anxiety. 


"This presentation had such great information!  It helped me to see my child's anxiety in a whole new way.  I now feel more equipped to support my child rather than making the anxiety worse.  Thank you High Functioning Family!" Josephine L., Wantagh

Breaking the Patterns that aren't Working through Growth Mindset

This workshop helps participants will become mindful of what is working in their life and what is not. Through and understanding of Growth Mindset and hands-on activities they will create new action steps and learn new techniques to have their students overcome obstacles.


"This workshop helped me to gain a new perspective and really reflect on habits I continually do that keep me stuck.  I am so excited to implement many of the techniques taught with my students.  Juarline and Margarita are such engaging presenters.  I look forward to seeing them again." Paula T. Glen Cove


See the difference that one conversation can make.

Services are offered in person, via telephone or Skype.

"Having children allows us to connect with families on a personal level.  We not only speak it, we live it", Juarline & Margarita

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Helping families and educators gain the awareness and tools needed to create calm and peace in their homes and classrooms.